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Trout Reprieve

30 July 2013

Welcome to our new website. Today I was meaning to go fishing as my son said he was going to take me fishing for my birthday present which I thought was a bit patronising at the time. I ken who’ll be paying anaw. What was botherin me was a man was supposed to be coming out to film the winery for a local online TV channel. I thought about telling him a lie which was true but irrelevant like there’s no fruit coming in today. As it was there probably was so it would have been just a flat lie. It was a bit windy and my heid felt dry so I decided to stay and do the right thing as usual. Farnied around on the computer in the morning, strimmed thistles around elderberries after. Got into the big van went to Arbroath for twa boxes o brambles and one o raspberries. Why have I to call them blackberries? They’ve always been brambles in Scotland, the Polish guy there is trying to get me to call them blackberries, the Scottish guys are calling them blackberries. Are we not to have one word left? ‘ Oh dinnae call them brambles because the English wont understand you!’ (in a whining tone) I’m not in England. Get the berries home and contact tv guy who says he’ll be out 3-3.30. Fine. Judith calls me out, the brambles in one of the boxes look braw however it turns out its a layer of nice fresh picked brambles on top of some not so nice, let’s call them blackberries. Chancin Gets! We wont be using them anyway folks. 4 0 clock still no TV guy. Phone him up he’s still in Dundee. I says you’ve left it too late now, he wasnae very happy but imagine,- ‘Here we are at the Cairn O Mohr winery and there are the happy wine workers getting in cars and going home for their tea’ No exactly riveting viewing that.

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