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We buy local apples for making our Carse o Gowrie Apple Juice, Cairn o Mohr Vintage, Pictish, Mixed Fruit, Mulled and Meadowsweet Ciders. We pay 20p per kg either in cash or any of our Cairn o Mohr drinks. Apples must be ripe (you can dent the skin, pips usually brown and tastes not sour), with no mould, rot or bad cuts. Windfalls are ok if sound.

You can bring in desert and crab and early cooking apples from 1st September, Bramley cookers from 1st November, 8am-4pm weekdays,1pm-4pm at weekends. Last apples in by end November or when our tanks are full. Please phone in November to check capacity before bringing apples in.

If you pick the apples before fully ripe, store them in open boxes or buckets and remove any bad ones before bringing them in ripe. Plastic bags are ok for transporting but make apples sweat and mould if stored in them. We can supply net bags, max 10 per person. Please check for and remove any bad apples before bringing them in. We can only accept apples picked from your own property.             

If you can’t pick them yourself, our picking team may be able to pick them for you and we would give you a bottle(s) in return. Please e mail with your name, address and number and type of trees.                                                                                                  

Cairn O Mohr

East Inchmichael
Errol, Perthshire, Scotland