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The Winery

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At The Winery

Come out and see our Strange Scottish winery. Sit out on the sunny deck (sun subject to availability) with a refreshment whilst admiring the great wooden sculptures and observing the mysterious comings and goings of our wine-making professionals. If you would like to tour the winery we offer regular tours on Wednesday & Sunday. Alternatively you can rustle up a posse and book in for a private visit at a time convenient to you.

AliBob Café here at the winery are passionate about fresh, seasonal and local produce that caters for those seeking authentic homemade food. Ingredients are sourced from local producers between Perth and Dundee whenever possible. Cakes, scones, pastries and other tasty bits are baked by Ali every day. Also fresh bread, baked every morning in Perth make a perfect accompaniment to the inspired and delicious soups. Coffee is made from freshly ground beans which are roasted in Dundee.

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Shop Opening Hours

Every day – 10.00 am – 17.00 pm

Cafe Opening Hours

Wednesday - Monday 10am - 5pm 

Tour and Tasting

We offer regular tours from April to October:
Wed- 14.15
Sun- 14.15

You can also get a group together and book a private tour. Find out more

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The International Bottle Smashing Tournament

We hold the Annual International Bottle Smashing Tournament at the Cairn o Mohr winery. It started as an entertaining solution to dispose of the mountains of empty wine bottles that accumulates over the winter at the winery every year. Competitors are given seven empty regulation Cairn o Mohr bottles to throw at a two foot diameter rock (the Rock) suspended from a specially netted frame (the Thing). Gents must chuck their bottles from 13 metres and Ladies and kids from 9 metres. The winners in both classes are those who break most bottles off the rock. So far no-one has succeeded in breaking more than four bottles in one round. This is the only event of its kind in the world and indeed people from all over the world have competed in it. This year the tournament will be held on Sunday 26th May 2019. Anyone who wishes to take part can turn up at the winery on the day and must register before 12.30. If you would like more information about the competition send us an email at us@cairnomohr.com

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Elder Orchard Walk

We now have a 10 minute walk through our elder plantation bursting with insects and wild flowers. Warm wafts of elderflowers and an amazing display of buttercups.