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Join Cairn o’ Mohr wine club for a seasonal selection, including exclusive special edition releases, delivered straight to your door.

We like to keep things local and use the finest fresh fruit and flowers grown in the bonnie fields of Tayside and Fife. One of the best things about using real, locally grown produce is that it emulates the changes of season throughout the year, and so we have carefully composed selections of wine, cider and juice to compliment mother nature in all her glory.

We offer both a Standard 6 Bottle Package, including some special editions which are difficult to get a hold of, and a Premium 12 Bottle Package packed with more exclusive produce and a wider variety. Sign up to receive instalments delivered every 3 months.

Standard Wine Club

  • 6 Bottles every season
  • Special varieties included
  • Still & sparkling wines
  • 100% Scottish apple ciders
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Premium Wine Club


12 Bottles every season
Special & exclusive new varieties
Still & sparkling wines
100% Scottish apple ciders
Sophisticated soft drinks
Free delivery
Cairno' memorabilia

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