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Ghost Tour

A walk around these haunted premises in the dark, frightened out of your wits by morbid tales of drowned men and murdering maidens as narrated by our sinister guides. Please, please don’t get left behind. Plenty drinks of blood red wines, (and some white ones) of a fruity persuasion. Hang out under the Hangman’s tree, down, down by the Witchy Wood and through the haunted bond where the man lost his head in a lightning strike.

A terrifying experience of an evening for £24.50 a head(less horseman) including five drinks. Get a bunch of pals together, safety in numbers………

Starts at 8pm, lasts roughly two hours.

On Saturday 28th October only.


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Tour Vouchers (Itison, Groupon, Cairn o' Mohr)

Please bring your PRINTED voucher. If you would like a coffee in the Alibob café before the tour please arrive 45 mins early and 90 minutes for lunch. You can book ahead on 07805588657 to reserve a table.

Tours last roughly 1 1/2 hrs.

You will follow the production process from fruit to bottle, with explanations, anecdotes and demos along the way. It’s thirsty work so the tour is followed by a tutored tasting of the Cairn o’ Mohr range (wines, sparklies and ciders).

When entering in codes, for GROUPON please use the SECURITY code, thank you.  

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Scheduled Tours

Just show up for this one hour following the production process from berry to bottle and finishing up with a tasting in the shop. It is fully accessible by wheelchair. Booking is NOT required for our scheduled tours as they are intended for small groups and individuals. Larger groups should book a private 'Thistle Day' or 'Deluxe' tour (see below).

April - October

Wed - 2.15pm
Sun - 2.15pm



under 13 – Free
14-17 – £5.00
18-64 – £7.00
over 65 – £6.00

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'Thistle Day' Tour

Arrive on the farm and  be shown round our curious Scottish winery. A knowledgeable guide will explain and demonstrate our production methods and keep you entertained with a bunch of witty anecdotes (won't you Linz?). As we use fresh fruits, leaves and flowers to make our wines, fermentation takes place during May to October. Outside this time, the production process is explained and the machinery that we use demonstrated, finishing with a visit to the bond. Finally your group will proceed to the tasting room where you will be treated to a tutored sampling of our wines.

10+ People
4.00pm latest booking
7 Days a week
Duration- 1 h
£70+ £7.00 pp over 10 people

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Deluxe Tour

Our deluxe tour starts with a welcome glass of sparkling wine and gourmet crisps to compliment. Your convivial host will introduce you to the winery and give a short talk on its history. Then it’s up around the buildings for a fascinating insight into the wine making process with working demonstrations. After which you will retire to the tasting rooms where you will be taken through a variety of 8 samples (35ml) in glasses (no plastic cups here!), accompanied by locally hand made oatcakes and Scottish cheeses. It’s a more sociable experience with the emphasis on enjoying time with your friends and I would definitely advocate not driving!

10+ People
7.30pm latest booking (4.30pm on Saturday)
7 Days a week
Duration- 2 h 30m
£200 + £20.00 pp over 10 people