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Lunch near Stirling

09 August 2013

Menu coming in a t5.0clock get down!


Ah Bistro.

A succulent chicken fillet reclines on a comfortable floured roll bottom, tucked in with a quilt of choice cheddar cheese melted to perfection. This is then topped off with the top half of aforementioned roll sprinkled with a dusting of premium flour like snow but not so much. This ensemble is carefully plonked at SSW on a well enamelled plate.

After a bit, a salad of little leafy things chummied with an array (two) of cheeky cherry tomatoes is slobbered with a cunning confluence of essential oils and vital vinegars. The whole is tastefully arranged by our experienced culinary design team, adjacentish to our chicken/bread structure from earlier as if to watch over it with two eyes and a frilly nose.

To complete the triptych a tiny, shiny pail is equipoised on another field of the farm that is the plate, almost filled with vertical chips like a bundle of sentries waiting for the queen with bated breath in a pail’ Do you want sauce with that?’ The waiter said knowingly. ‘Aye how did you no just bring it?’ I questioningly almost replied.

We’re making Bramble and Raspberry wine at the moment.

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