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30 Years of Dr Finlay’s Casebook

16 November 2016

Aye, so, coming up for our thirtieth year trading. We’ve changed the look. It’s good like, a change every now and again. 30ish years ago Judith was a doctor, I made garden sheds, we gave it up to make this wine for you. Still making fruity wines, hands on from start to finish and pumping it out to you guys with a fresh new label. I hope you like it.

We had a relaunch at the Norn (woody) Restaurant in fauncy Edinburgh on Monday night where our wines were paired with designer canapés. I never really knew what they were; canapés. Smidgens of food seemingly; mere morsels. We had to buy kebabs in Perth on the way home. Oneywise, there we were rounding up thirty years of our lives to forty odd industry figures I guess you would call them; retail guys and food writers. Sortay like dragons den but they were fine and we had a good laugh. Who wants to go out on a Monday night drinking wine? Everyone! My favourite bit was Judith describing a fermenting tank of Strawberry that starts off frothing like mad and bursting out of the top if it’s too full (our babies being sick we used to call it), but then settles down to resemble the surface of the human brain.

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