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    27 October 2013

    During a break in the filming

    During a break in the filming. He’s a braw lad , Paul Hollywood, and he really did like the wine. He couldn’t stop drinking it; it’s a wonder we made it through the set. The programme will be out sometime in November.

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  • 20 September 2013

    Don’t shoot

    I don’t shave that often. I’ve a mirror in front of the sink like most homes and I suppose I look at my face but I don’t think about it beyond finding it familiar. Usually I use a shaver but sometimes it goes too far and shaver becomes plucker. So I’m looking for my razor blades but my son must have been pinching them. For all the nanograms o chin fluff he produces I don’t know why he bothers. No matter how many I buy I never get to use them. Anyway he’s away to Uni now so I can relax; away to Asda to try to buy a new razor. I’ve nae idea which handle goes with which blade they’ve...

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  • 17 August 2013

    It’s a literally a lottery

    I can’t believe that literally is being downgraded. According to the Oxford English dictionary it can now also mean metaphorically due to, they feel, established wrong usage. Sited as an example is, ‘I’ve literally been to hell and back’ Some may say that hell can also have a metaphorical meaning therefore the above statement may then be literally true as anyone could literally go to a metaphor and back in the old understanding of the word. Metaphorically never took off as word of everyday use but what’s to take the place of literally? I really don’t know.
    BBC were round last week filming...

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  • 09 August 2013

    Lunch near Stirling

    Menu coming in a t5.0clock get down!


    Ah Bistro.

    A succulent chicken fillet reclines on a comfortable floured roll bottom, tucked in with a quilt of choice cheddar cheese melted to perfection. This is then topped off with the top half of aforementioned roll sprinkled with a dusting of premium flour like snow but not so much. This ensemble is carefully plonked at SSW on a well enamelled plate.

    After a bit, a salad of little leafy things chummied with an array (two) of cheeky cherry tomatoes is slobbered with a cunning confluence of essential oils and vital vinegars. The whole is tastefully arranged...

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  • 30 July 2013

    Trout Reprieve

    Welcome to our new website. Today I was meaning to go fishing as my son said he was going to take me fishing for my birthday present which I thought was a bit patronising at the time. I ken who’ll be paying anaw. What was botherin me was a man was supposed to be coming out to film the winery for a local online TV channel. I thought about telling him a lie which was true but irrelevant like there’s no fruit coming in today. As it was there probably was so it would have been just a flat lie. It was a bit windy and my heid felt dry so I decided to stay and do the right thing as usual. Farnied around on the computer in...

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  • 14 June 2013

    Another Bottle Smash Bash!!

    Great Bottle Smash event, you should have been there if you weren’t. Jane Ault from Abernethy was the best, breaking three bottle on the hallowed rock. Best man was Darren from Inverness in a toe nail biting playoff he got two and a dangler, sending his bitter rivals away sniffling into their cups. Next week we’re away to the woods for the oak leaf picking and the start of the cairno wine making season. Berryup coming out soon. .My dear wife Judith may occasionally post if I’m on extended hangover. You can tell hers; she uses such words as ‘crikey’ and delish’ and tells you what’s happening...

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  • 14 June 2013

    Happy Xmas Abidy

    Been very busy the last few months what with bottling fizzy while the weather was cold and heaps of orders fleein out the door. Last of the Red Currant wine and Cider are still fermenting in the hot box but should be finishing soon.
    Bottled Magnums of Sparkling Elderflower and Sparkling Strawberry for the first time and they are looking great. Selling really well and should be up on website soon.
    Only remains to wish every one a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. Berry Christmas this year is most enjoyable, Cheers!

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  • 14 June 2013


    Well it’s back to al claes and porridge, straight into fizzy bottling, racking the cider and red currant wine, filtering elderflower and working on something new.

    Had a most excellent holiday with great wine orders, so thank you to everyone.

    Next date on the calendar is the Ploughed Field Sprint on Sunday 20th Jan and then Burn’s Night,
    so now is the time to get in your bottles of Gangs wi Haggis.

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  • 14 June 2013

    Happy Winter

    The Cairn o Mohr cafe opens up for weekends from March the 9th for weekends and 5 days a week from Wednesday March the 27th. We’ll need to think of some stunt to mark it’s re-opening. Any suggestions? Rhubarb wine’s meant to be coming out in Easter; whether she will or no is up to her, she does take an offy long time in the dressing room. We have some other interesting drinks in the pipe-line that are mostly secret at the moment. Happy winter!

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  • 14 June 2013

    Rhubarb Comes Out To Play

    Rhubarb out now, a lovely pinky yellow colour, looks and tastes yummy. See it in the online shop.

    Cafe open Wed to Sun from 27th March.
    New menu featuring the locally made Cairnoburger with various toppings, filled rolls, home made soups, scones, traybakes and cakes. Deelish.
    Winery tours restarting on Sunday 31st March 2.15 then every Wednesday and Sunday until 27th October.

    Working on a loyalty card for using in our winery shop to get a 10% discount and working on new website with new website deals so watch this space.

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