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Witch Hunt

28 November 2015

If you have a favourite elderberry tree that’s lost it’s vigour and is basically seek lookin, cut it down. This may revive it. Cut the trunks right down to about shin height (that’s my shin not yours) and just above a set o buds. Here I have done a row what I call the Zulu method after the film, cutting down every alternative bush. The bushes cut will produce no flowers or berries next year but strong new shoots should appear. By leaving half the bushes uncut there will always be something firing while the others are reloading. I wear a canoe helmet as the branches have a habit of falling on my head and there’s no sticking out bits on this particular headgear. See the way I managed to avoid saying helmet twice, oh sh*t. Always cut your elders after Halloween as the witches hide in elders during this time. I once made the mistake of pruning too early and was awarded with a kidney stone which as anyone who has had one will know, is very painful. It was eventually healed by the cool hands of a young lady doctor.

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