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This is brilliant, I knew nothing about it....

26 August 2018

This is brilliant. Check out this email we received from one of our customers. I knew nothing about it....

"Subject: Polar pics

Hi Linzey!

Here's the pics as promised. I hope they all come through OK.

The blurb that I put on my Facebook is below, if you're after some ideas:

"What better way to enjoy a trip to the North Pole and a day out on the expansive sea ice than by supporting a 'local' business. Well, local to Scotland, not the pole... I've always found Cairn o Mohr Real Fruit Wines to be a great 'icebreaker' in chilly social spots. Best enjoyed at 'cabin temperature', under the reassuring glow of twin Russian nuclear reactors."

For some background, I'm a glaciologist by background, from Scotland. These days however I work for a company called Quark Expeditions as a lecturer and guide. I work half the year in the Arctic and the other half in Antarctica. This trip, i.e. the one that I took the wine on, is to the geographic North Pole. We charter a nuclear icebreaker from the Russian government and sail from Murmansk to the pole (literally 90 degrees north), breaking thick sea ice most of the way there.. I took these pictures at the pole itself.

The ship is the '50 Years of Victory': Flagship of Russia's current atomic icebreaker fleet.

This year we hit unusually thick sea ice and it took a while to reach ninety degrees, battering through three meter-thick pack for the last hundred miles. I think it was probably an area of older, multi-year ice that had broken away and drifted in from elsewhere in the Arctic.

Anyway, from a wine marketing standpoint, people often ask what I take with me when I go off to work at the poles. Of course, I take a lot of equipment. But, I also take a handful of items to remind me of home, and to avoid getting too homesick. So, it's usually a few good Scottish teabags and, of course, a bottle of Cairn O' Mohr.  :-) The reds are my favourite, especially 'Gangs wi' Haggis', if I can find it.

When not at work I split my time between Scotland and South Africa (I just arrived there yesterday), where my wife is from. I like to take Cairn O' Mohr there too, just to tease my wine mad South African in-laws.  :-)

Thanks Linzey. Do let me know when you've received these photos, so I know they've come through OK.

Cheers, and I hope to speak again soon.

All the best for now, and if there's anything else I can do for you guys, let me know!


Colin Souness"

Good man Colin!

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