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Some boy, Fraser McKiver

11 September 2017

I wiz away sailing last week. I know, I know, wanker, but it's no like that. Anyway we had reached the the beginning of the Crinan canal that cuts through the Mull. Oneywise me and my shipmate Peter went for a wee walk along the canal and came across this strange box all painted up, across the water from this magical wee artist's hoosey all flowers and colours. Inside the box was the boy's printed art as postcards that you could buy by putting a quid in an honesty slot. Fair dooz, we bought a couple.Someone shouted over in a Canadian accent, 'Hey hang on I'll come over and sign them for you.' I thought he was going to paddle over in his canoe but nope, he climbed into the water and swam over with one hand holding the pen over his head. We had a bit blether and I said I'd drop in a bottle of Cairno to him when we sailed by the next day. Pishing down the next morning when we went by but I shouted over, 'Fraser, I've got your bottle!', he came out, performed a perfect leaping dive into the canal and collected. Some boy, Fraser McKiver.

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